Dixit World is the mobile adaptation of the famous board game Dixit for iOS and Android. More than just a simple port, Dixit World allows you to experience the social potential of Dixit with the whole world. The rules are simple : The first player choose a card and a sentence. Then, the other players add a card that matches the title, according to their own imagination. Finally, you need to find the card of the first player and see if you tricked the others to choose yours.

Play with new players everywhere or with your friends in a bar with the "pass and play" mode. At your own pace or in quick play, experience Dixit everywhere on mobile.


Created by Jean-Louis Roubira and edited by Libellud in 2008, Dixit has quickly become a board game classic. In 2017, Libellud Digital starts the developement of Dixit World for iOS and Android.

The game will be out in 2018 on iOS and Android. Dixit World is free to play with in app purchases.



Benjamin Robert
Creative Director
Xavier Collette
Art Director
Florian Sciberras
Technical Director
Boris Jolit
Antoine Iturbide
Raphael Robert-Bouchard
Game Designer